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Bloody Mary

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It was Halloween night so I was already at my best-friend Kelly’s house for our yearly sleepover.  Every year for the past five years Kelly, a few other friends and I would all get together on Halloween night and spend the night telling ghost stories and drinking hot coco.  It was a great night to look forward to every year. We were sitting on Kelly’s living room floor playing the great old fashioned game of truth or dare.  It was Kelly’s turn and she picked on me.

“Truth or dare?” Kelly’s words rang through my ears.  This was the hardest question a teenage girl could be faced with at a slumber party.  If I picked truth, then I would have to open up and reveal the darkest of secrets.  If I picked dare, there would be no telling the things I would have to do!  I decided to just go with my gut.

“Dare,” I stated reluctantly. Had I made the right decision?

“Okay, I dare you to go into my bathroom and play Bloody Mary!” Kelly exclaimed. Bloody Mary? That was the big dare of the night? I totally got this! I went over, grabbed the candle that was on her kitchen table and walked down to the bathroom.  As I closed the door and turned off the light, I could hear my friends running down the hallway to listen behind the door.

“Okay,” I began.  I took a deep breath and looked right into the bathroom mirror. “Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary.” Nothing happened.  Of course nothing happened! This was just some stupid game that everyone plays on Halloween night.  

Just when I was about to turn on the lights I heard a banging sound.  

“Quit it, guys!” I yelled, thinking it was my friends outside the door. I went over to the door and put my ear against it.  I didn’t hear anything.  They must have went back to the living room once I had finished with the dare.  I turned back to the candle on the bathroom counter and it just extinguished.  What? That’s impossible!  All of the windows were closed and I didn’t move enough to blow it out.  I slowly looked back up at the mirror.  There was woman was staring back at me and it wasn’t my reflection.  There she was.  Bloody Mary.  Her face was white and blood soaked.  She looked as if she was a thousand years old.  Then a horrible yell came from her mouth.

“GIVE ME MY CHILD!” She shrieked. What was she talking about? I didn’t have anyone’s baby!

“I don’t have your child,” I muttered.

“LIAR!” She screamed.  Then her claw like hand reached towards me and came out of the mirror.  It latched onto my neck and lifted me above the ground. I was struggling to breathe when I felt heat coming from the floor.  I looked down to see a fire start beneath me.  I struggled and screamed.  Her laughter became louder and louder with every struggled breath I took.  Finally, it all went dark.  

I woke up on the bathroom floor.  I was covered in soot, like I had been in a fire.  I reached up and felt my neck.  There were horizontal scratch marks covering it.  I immediately shot up, hoping the woman would not be in the mirror.  But to my surprise there was no woman, only words written in blood, “Next time you die.”

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Bloody Mary