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The Woman in White

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“The day of her funeral she shot up and got right out of the coffin.  She started a whole new religion traveling from Rhode Island to Pennsylvania, gathering new followers.  A few years later she died again, but before she did she told her followers she would appear to them in their windows the night before they would join her in the afterlife. Many people were witnesses to her ghost, but the worst part is they all lived on this road, Chodikee Lake. People say that because of all of the spirits roaming around on Halloween night, she comes back, but this time angry and ready to kill.”

“That is such a load of crap.” Matt interrupted, “If you were going to try and scare us from going out tonight, you just failed.” He laughed along with the others

I didn’t laugh.  The way Mila told that story there is no way you couldn’t believe that Jemima Wilkinson lived, died, lived, and died again.  Now she’s just out there waiting.

“Whatever.  Believe what you want, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Mila stated as she stormed out of the room.

“She’s always looking to scare us every Halloween, but doesn’t she realize that the stories stopped getting scary when we were eight!” Jimmy snared.

“I know right! And the story she told us last year about the headless horseman who came up to visit little old Highland on the scariest night of the year, ready to kill. Seems like the horseman just missed us then huh?” Molly replied sarcastically.

The group roared with laughter. Again I stayed quiet. I couldn’t laugh. I was too caught up in the fact that this year’s story seemed oddly specific.  And why do I feel like I have heard the name Jemima Wilkinson before?

“Well, now that Mila’s done with her annual storytelling, how about we head into town.” Matt stated as he led the group out of the front door, I was the last one out. I was too afraid.

The chill of the autumn air stung my arms as I stepped outside.  I looked behind me at the darkness of the street, with the only light from the streetlights illuminating the path.

We walked down the dark road.  I kept a distance from the group watching my every move.  I could have sworn that I saw a figure in the woods to my left but I ignored it, thinking it was a deer or something realistic. Now that it’s all over I can tell you it was not a deer.  The group was still laughing and talking about the story Mila told earlier and how fake it was when Jimmy blurted out, “Guys, over there! What is that?” He was pointing at a figure.  A figure a few feet from us in the woods.  It looked like a woman in white, but I didn’t dare tell them that at the time.

“I don’t see anything. Let’s keep walking.” Matt stated trying to shut Jimmy up.

“Seriously guys, it’s right there,” Jimmy walked towards the figure trying to determine what it was. He didn’t figure out what it was until it was too late. The figure, or woman, was standing so perfectly still.  Until Jimmy got close enough and she shrieked a horrible shriek.  A shriek I will never get out of my head, a shriek that makes me stay up at night and scared to walk outside. It was piercing. We all held our ears in agony, looking away from the horrifying woman. I hear Jimmy scream.  I made a terrible mistake and looked up. I saw Jimmy try to run, but he just wasn’t fast enough.  Before he could even reach the street he was dropped to the ground, his face shaped in a terrifying form.  She was hovering over him as if she was holding him down. He tried to get up but couldn’t.  The next scene was the most horrifying, unexplainable thing I have ever witnessed.  She bent down, still uttering that terrible shriek, opened up her deformed hand, which looked more like a claw, placed it on his chest right by his heart and reached in.  She grabbed his heart right through his chest and had his heart in her hand.

Jimmy lay lifeless on the ground.  The woman had stopped her shrieking, but she had not moved.  Jimmy’s heart was still in her hand and her stare had not left his now lifeless eyes.  Now that the shrieking had stopped the other kids looked up to see the terrifying picture that was painted before us.

“RUN!” Matt cried out, but as soon as those words left his mouth, she had averted her dead stare at him.  In an instant she was behind him, shrieking again and holding him down with her mind.  Matt immediately fell to the ground.  This time I didn’t watch.

When the screams of both Matt and the woman had stopped I looked up to see the same image, the woman with a heart in her hand and Matt lifeless on the ground.  Molly and I looked at each other.  For a moment I thought this is it, we are going to die.  I remained quiet, for I was in shock and horror at what I had just seen.  Molly didn’t know what to do.  She looked so scared, like a deer in headlights except the car wasn’t going to stop for the deer, it was going to run it over.

Without Molly saying a word, the woman slowly changed her gaze towards her. This was the end for Molly.  The horrifying shriek started up again and in an instant Molly was on the ground.  Knowing her fate I turned away.

A few moments later it was silent. I looked up, and to my surprise there was nothing but the dark road ahead.  No woman, no bodies.  My three best friends were gone forever and the murderous woman was too.  It looked clear to go home, so I ran.  When I arrived home I wondered why I hadn’t been taken along with my friends.  What made me so different?

Still extremely terrified at tonight’s events, I ran to my room and shut the door.  As I sat on my bed, I happen to look out of my window.

There she was. The woman from the road.  Maybe I wasn’t different. Maybe I was supposed to die. Before I could even decide on what to do to get away from this demonic woman, she opened her mouth.  Her mouth didn’t move but two words escaped her lips in a whisper, before she left me forever, “Remember me.”

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The Woman in White